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All persons or commercial companies who introduce goods into Malta and Gozo that inlude some type of packaging material are required by law to join a Waste Packaging Scheme such as GreenMT. The packaging that is included with your products will end up in the waste stream once it is discarded. GreenMT organises collection and recycling contractors to pick up all types of packaging from the waste stream and recycle it on your behalf according to your legal obligations. We take care of your waste management obligations while you take care of your business.


Collection services for Businesses

All GreenMT scheme members can benefit from a free packaging waste pickup.

To qualify you will need to be a member that places over 500Kg per year on the market. Pickups are by appointment only. Cardboard and Wood is collected every forthnight and Plastic waste is collected monthy. Please call 9924 6925 to set an appointment or email

All collected waste packaging is recycled at authorised facilities and you will be given a receipt.

Due to the current situation brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic,
our offices are closed until further notice.

Should you require assistance with logistics or compliance
please call 21496965/6 during office hours.


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GreenMT and WEEE



GRTU (Malta Chamber of SMEs) together with it's subsidiary GreenMT has been very active in developing a national policy for implementing a comprehensive solution to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). The aim is to create a not-for-profit scheme that will collect and recyle discarded electrical and electronic equipment on behalf of businesses who are members of the scheme.

 GreenMT has been very proactive in discussions and actively spearheaded this initiative together with the Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Leo Brincat. The most awaited outcome of this initiative will be the removal of the ECO Tax system. The unfair ECO tax system is going to be replaced with a much better solution where costs included in the price of items will reflect and be proportional with the actual recycling costs of the products.


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Calculate your Carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is how much Carbon Dioxide you produced in your day to day activitues. All you need to do is to key in some data about your lifestyle and instantly calulate your carbon footprint !

You can also compare your carbon footprint to other countries and to the accepted sustainable average.
The calculator is intended to make you aware of what adds most to your carbon footprint.



Recycling Facts

In a lifetime the average Maltese person will throw away 600 times the amount of his or her adult weight in garbage. For example, a 90Kg adult adult will leave a trash legacy of 54,000 kilos.

  • Aluminium Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Steel Recycling


GreenMT bring-in-site locations around Malta

gozo glass


Gozo Local Councils: Ghajnsielem Local Councils

  • Kunsill Lokali tal-Għasri
  • Għarb
  • Kercem
  • Kunsill Lokali Il-Munxar
  • Rabat Ghawdex
  • San Lawrenz
  • Zebbug Ghawdex

Gozo Glass Door-to-Door collection will now be every First Friday of the month as from 7th August 2020




Most shops in Malta are closed due the Corona virus pandemic. Because of this, we are suspending our commercial carton collections from Iklin, Mosta & San Pawl as from Thursday 20th March until further notice.

Kunsill Lokali MostaKunsill Lokali L-IklinKunsill Lokali San Pawl il-Baħar

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Green MT provides Bring-In Sites which are owned by the Scheme itself, to Local Councils free of charge, to enable the residents to deposit clean, source-segregated recyclable materials.
Bring-in Sites consist of four containers:

- blue for plastic
- white for paper
- brown for glass
- black for metal

Recyclable materials collected from these bring-in sites are taken separately to the facility.

In Malta there are also Civic Amenity sites which are facilities where the public can take and discard various types of bulky household waste, including domestic hazardous waste as well.

Although having all these free of charge services, sometimes one can still find illegal dumping, also called fly dumping or fly tipping, which is the dumping of waste illegally such as dumping bulky waste on street corners, or even leaving garbage bags at bring-in sites at inappropriate times instead of using an authorised method such as kerbside collection or pay the fees charged by designated waste facilities or an authorised waste carrier to collect such waste in a proper manner.

Such a case happened for many times in a particular Bring-In Site which was placed in Triq Salvu Borg Olivier, Although even monitored by CCTV no one was ever handed a contravention at this site. Such abuse was never permitted by the Scheme. Green MT sends over the contractor to empty such bins and report bulky waste to be collected by the Local Council almost daily.

Green MT had to recently take action because of this abuse The Bring-In Site was removed and the area totally cleaned. This entailed quite an expense to the Scheme and clearly showed that Bring in Sites that are placed further away from habitable areas tend to be abused continously. The Siggiewi Local Council is working hand in hand with the Scheme to try and locate an alternative Bring In Site to place the said bins for use by those who are pro- environmental.



The failure by the government to recognise the financial burden that businesses have had to put up with over the last 10 years to meet their environmental obligations remains a mystery. Unless, of course, there is a hidden political agenda to place the business community in a bad light.

Years ago businesses relieved the government of the cost of the grey/green bag collections of recyclable waste and bring in sites collection logistics. The business community, through two authorised compliance schemes, assumed responsibility for this as agreed with the government in July 2009. Now, 10 years later, the government contends that because of a grey area in the legislation (which was enacted in 2010) relating to this agreement, the business community did not meet its obligations to the full.

They now contend that producers or importers need to fork out 40 per cent of the Eco Contribution exempted between 2009 and 2016, the year the legislation was practically shredded and replaced by excise (which was not the agreement either).

It seems that the government was advised by the Attorney General that looking prime facie at the legislation as penned in 2010 it has a right to demand these funds. However, this goes deeper. The government knows deep down that the business community met its expectations, and paid for the last 10 years for recyclable collections without ever pointing a finger at the government.

And now 10 years later, the business community might be forced by this pro-business government to fork out millions more. This, after the government decided that over 40 per cent of the collections made, including paper, magazines, leaflets and unsolicited mail are not to be accredited to the legislation enacted in 2010. Why would the business community collect paper and cartons in the grey and green bags if this was not accredited in the legislation? It is clear that the legislation had a lacuna, a grey area, and this will be challenged in court if necessary.

To add insult to injury an audit firm was involved from 2012 onwards and issued a preliminary report in 2017. It was only in July 2017 that the government, as directed by this audit firm and backed by the AG’s office, stated that cartons, paper, leaflets, magazines and unsolicited mail will not to be included in the collection figures. Great, in 2017 you get to learn the rules of a game that goes back to July 2009. The mind boggles as to why the business community should ever come to terms with any administration unless such agreements are scrutinised by 100 lawyers.


grey bags rabat

Distribution of Grey Bags provided by Green MT in Rabat Local Council.

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