As per Legal Notice 277 of 2006, every importer is required to register with ERA and declare the amount of waste packaging that they have placed on the local market during base year 2012.

ERA designates an EPR number (WMP) to every importer. According to L.N. 277 of 2006 every importer of products that include packaging must first register with ERA and then join a Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme which will collect and recyle waste packaging on their behalf. The importer’s obligations under the law as a producer (importer) are then passed on and handled by the Scheme.

GreenMT is a Waste Packaging Compliance Scheme set up by GRTU (The Malta Chamber of SMEs) to handle your waste packaging recovery obligations.

To become a member you will require the following :

  • Declaration of Waste Packaging 2014 which should be filled in with waste volumes of packaging placed on the market in 2014 (including glass, plastic, paper, board, aluminium, metal, wood or other eg.jablo/foam). The Scheme requires a record of at least one year(12month period of previous year of membership with scheme). You will be invoiced quarterly.

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By being a full member of the GreenMT Scheme you will be……

In line with the Waste Packaging regulations, namely Legal Notice 277 of 2006.
GreenMT will handle your legal Waste Packaging obligations on your behalf at these rates.
In line with Legal Notice 84 of 2010 as regards exemptions from Eco Contribution.

New System of Collection of Recyclable Separated Waste is now in place. An immediate financial benefit for your packaging material. So the more you collect, the more the financial rebate will be. From now on, your company will be paid on delivery, there and then!

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