Make sure you are aware of what's recyclable!

Not all material can be recycled. If you discard material which cannot be recycled together with material that can you will end up hindering our efforts instead of helping us out.


Buy Recycled

Get the know the products you pucrhase daily. Choose the ones that are made from recycled materials wherever possible. By doing this you will be encouraging manufacturers and producers to use recycled materials.


Recycle your water

Water can be one of the easiest materials to recylce. You can always use water that was used for washing to flush toilets for example. If you use biodegradable soap you can even water your garden with used water.


Recycle your greens

Families, especially larger ones throw away a sizeable amount of vegetable and fruit matter as well as garden cuttings. This can easily be composted and used as very fertile soil. To compost you will need a special composting bin which can be used both indoors and out. The resultant material can be used as very fertile soil. If you dont have a garden yourself you can always donate it to someone who lives nearby who does.



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