In Business? are you liable ?

All persons or commercial companies who introduce goods into Malta and Gozo that inlude some type of packaging material are required by law to join a Waste Packaging Scheme such as GreenMT. The packaging that is included with your products will end up in the waste stream once it is discarded. GreenMT organises collection and recycling contractors to pick up all types of packaging from the waste stream and recycle it on your behalf according to your legal obligations. We take care of your waste management obligations while you take care of your business.


Collection services for Businesses

All GreenMT scheme members can benefit from a free packaging waste pickup.

To qualify you will need to be a member that places over 500Kg per year on the market. Pickups are by appointment only. Cardboard and Wood is collected every forthnight and Plastic waste is collected monthy. Please call 9924 6925 to set an appointment or email

All collected waste packaging is recycled at authorised facilities and you will be given a receipt.

Due to the current situation brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic,
our offices are closed until further notice.

Should you require assistance with logistics or compliance
please call 21496965/6 during office hours.


Stay safe!

GreenMT and WEEE



GRTU (Malta Chamber of SMEs) together with it's subsidiary GreenMT has been very active in developing a national policy for implementing a comprehensive solution to WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). The aim is to create a not-for-profit scheme that will collect and recyle discarded electrical and electronic equipment on behalf of businesses who are members of the scheme.

 GreenMT has been very proactive in discussions and actively spearheaded this initiative together with the Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Leo Brincat. The most awaited outcome of this initiative will be the removal of the ECO Tax system. The unfair ECO tax system is going to be replaced with a much better solution where costs included in the price of items will reflect and be proportional with the actual recycling costs of the products.


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Calculate your Carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is how much Carbon Dioxide you produced in your day to day activitues. All you need to do is to key in some data about your lifestyle and instantly calulate your carbon footprint !

You can also compare your carbon footprint to other countries and to the accepted sustainable average.
The calculator is intended to make you aware of what adds most to your carbon footprint.



Recycling Facts

In a lifetime the average Maltese person will throw away 600 times the amount of his or her adult weight in garbage. For example, a 90Kg adult adult will leave a trash legacy of 54,000 kilos.

  • Aluminium Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Glass Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Steel Recycling


GreenMT bring-in-site locations around Malta

Arty, Blu and Xemx are our Eco Warriors helping us to eliminate single use plastic from our lives.




On the 23rd January we visited the Maria Regina College - Naxxar Primary School and we helped to further educate the students about recycling by giving them an educational talk whilst also teaching them through music and dance.

Our main focus in this talk was about eliminating single use plastic from our lives. Here are a few items we should focus on eliminating: plastic cotton buds, plastic straws, plastic plates and cutlery, plastic cups, plastic drink stirrers, plastic balloon sticks, single use plastic food containers and drinks cups and single use drinks containers.

Green MT also introduced our Eco-Warriors: Arty, Blu and Xemx, who will help us to promote keeping a cleaner environment. We also donated reusable BPA free water bottles to all the students which, to the student’s delight, bore the images of the Eco-Warriors printed on them.


Green MT - together with their mascot Cikka & Kristina Casolani visited the Majjistral Nature Park’s – Festa Natura. We have given an educational talk to all the students present about the correct way how to recycle. The Students loved every moment and also the small gifts provided by Green MT.

festa natura1

festa natura2

Green MT contributed in providing cleaning equipment to Floriana Local Council for a clean-up event “Genna Ta’ Gonna” on Sunday 6th October.

floriana clean up

Green MT organised an Informative meeting regarding recycling waste to senior residents at Mellieha Day Centre. Free Gifts were also given.


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