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Green MT initiates collection of separated waste from all schools in Gozo

Green MT, GRTU’s fully owned subsidiary company commissioned by enterprises to help them comply with their environmental obligations and waste disposal, has now also taken over responsibilities that used to be of WasteServ Malta Ltd, with the collection of recyclable waste materials (Plastic, Paper, Metal and Glass) from all the schools in Gozo, both private, church and state owned.

Green MT will be employing a firm supervisory system to ensure the obligations and responsibilities they are contracted to observe, actually meet the satisfaction of the Gozitan community. To also ensure that the system is understood fully and that communication between all authorities concerned is maintained Green MT top executives will make their necessary presence and talk to the heads of schools and contracted separated waste collectors.

Yesterday, Marcella Agius of Green MT, accompanied by Green MT subcontractor Kleen-Co Ltd launched the project through the collection of recyclable waste from each and every school in Gozo. The materials collected were delivered to WasteServ’s Qortin facility, which will then be transported to Malta to be eventually baled and finally recycled.

The Green MT education team is also at the same time visiting households to ensure the public is conscious of the importance of continued waste separation at source. This week Green MT’s eco-councilors are visiting households and promoting waste separation in the locality of Rabat (Malta). Green MT aims to achieve a recovery of 14,000 tons of recyclable waste by end of this year through its work with the local councils and general public, the business community and schools.